Dr. Jarrod Gilbert

PhD, BA (hons), Dip Ad
Lead Researcher
Jarrod has undertaken the most comprehensive study ever undertaken on gangs in New Zealand. He is the author of Patched: the history of gangs in New Zealand. This research included ethnographic and quantitative techniques as well as extensive document analysis. Jarrod has also graduated in advertising and marketing and he has led numerous research projects for a wide range of clients including government and local body agencies, private companies, documentary makers, and lawyers. While Jarrod lectures on numerous topics at the University of Canterbury including sociological theory, his primary focus is on producing research that has practical applications. He is currently writing a book on murder. You can follow Jarrod on Twitter, Facebook, or view his personal website

Ben Elley

MA, BA (hons)
Ben has a Masters Degree with Distinction in Sociology, a First Class Honour’s Degree in English literature and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Media & Communication. Having been awarded a University of Canterbury scholarship, his academic expertise is in semiotics and youth culture. Ben’s contemporary outlook adds an important dynamic to the work undertaken by Independent Research Solutions. His skill as a writer, in both natural and academic forms, helps to ensure that every report is technically excellent, efficiently written and easily understood.

Professor Greg Newbold

Peer Reviewer
Greg is one of New Zealand’s leading sociologists with expertise around many elements of criminal justice. He is widely published including authoring seven books. He speaks regularly at overseas conferences and has published more than fifty articles and book chapters in New Zealand and internationally. He frequently acts as a consultant to the government on matters of criminal justice policy. His methodological understandings, his eye for detail and his demands for excellence help to ensure the highest possible quality of work.

Professor Chris Gallavin

Ph.D LLB(hons)
Chris is the Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Massey University. Chris is recognised nationally and internationally as an expert in the area of criminal justice. He has presented at more than 35 conferences, and has in excess of 1000 media citations. Chris’ contribution to Independent Research Solutions is highly valuable and ensures complex legal policy concerns are considered. Chris offers legal consultancy services of the highest standard.

Additional Staff

With our close links throughout the academic and research communities, we are capable of sourcing relevant experts and other staff on a contractual basis. This means that each project has specific expertise and staffing levels as required.